Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure

HFCM Advisors, maintains a Risk disclosure document which must be delivered prior to or simultaneously with an advisory, management and or selling a structured product agreement. HFCM disclosure document is available upon request.

Commodity trading involves financial risk, and HFCM assumes no liability in the event any person uses or relies upon the information on this website for the purpose of dealing in commodities or other investments. Further, claims of past performance are not necessarily indicative of future results. This website includes statements of opinion by HFCM staff members. Neither the information on this website nor any opinion expressed hereupon, constitutes a solicitation to buy or sell any derivative, futures contract, or option.

Investments in commodities and commodity-linked instruments may be subject to greater volatility than traditional securities. The value of commodities and commodity-linked instruments may be affected by changes in overall market movements, changes in interest rates, and other factors such as weather, economic and political developments, force majeure, as well as the trading activity of speculators. Investments in commodities may involve leverage, which may result in losses in excess of the total margin deposit. Commodities investments are subject to counterparty credit risks. Clients may be subject to losses due to FCM default on exchange based transactions, and counterparty default on off-exchange transactions.

Structured product transactions may involve a high degree of risk and the value of such transactions may be highly volatile. Such risks include risk of adverse or unanticipated market developments, issuer credit quality risk, risk of counterparty or issuer default, risk of lack of uniform standard pricing, risk of adverse events involving any underlying reference obligation, entity or other measure, and risk of illiquidity. In certain transactions, counterparties may lose their entire investment or incur an unlimited loss.

HFCM's website is limited to the dissemination of general information pertaining to its investment advisory services. It is for informational purposes only and so should not be construed by a consumer and/or prospective client as a solicitation to effect, or attempt to effect transactions in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, over the Internet. This website includes statements of opinion which may be personal opinions of HFCM's staff. HFCM's specific advice is given only within the context of our contractual agreements with each client. Advice may only be rendered after the delivery of Forms of Risk Disclosure and Non-disclosure, and the execution of an agreement by the client and HFCM. Services, and fees is available upon written request.

Notice Regarding Web Linking Practices

HFCM Advisors, ("HFCM") provides access to information, services, and products through web sites that are owned or operated by other companies ("third party web sites"). We have carefully chosen a number of other companies to provide information, services, and products, in hopes of bringing you the value and service you expect from HFCM. You can identify that you are at a third party's web site instead of the HFCM's when you have used a hyperlink which takes you to a new location, and the web site address of the linked site appears in the "net site" or "address" box at the top of your browser, or when a new browser window is opened, in which the new third party web site appears.

We have done our best to provide you with information, services, and products from trustworthy third party companies; however, HFCM cannot endorse, approve or guarantee information, products, services or recommendations provided at any third party's web site. It is provided solely for convenience purposes. Because we may not always know when information on a third party site changes, HFCM is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any third party web site. HFCM will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any sort resulting from the use of a third party web link, nor will it be liable for any failure of products or services advertised or provided on these third parties' sites.

When you visit a third party web site by using a hyperlink from the HFCM site, our Privacy Policy will no longer protect you. The data collection, use, and protection provided by the linked site may differ from those at HFCM. You should familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and security practices of any third party linked site you visit. Those are the policies and practices that will apply to your use of the third party linked site, NOT HFCM's policies and practices. Because the privacy and information security practices may be different than HFCM's, you may be at greater risk to computer viruses, malicious code, or other defects in web sites that may affect your computer.

Last revised: Mar 15, 2021