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Pooled Funds

The Client authorizes the account managers to invest all or any portion of the assets composing the Client's Investment Account/s or chosen investment product in one or more pooled accounts managed by HFCM account managers with the client-broker of choice and/or its affiliates. What Are Pooled Funds? Pooled funds are funds in a portfolio from many individual investors that are aggregated for the purposes of investment. Forex pooled accounts, Pooled investment accounts, Mutual funds, hedge funds, exchange-traded funds, pension funds, and unit investment trusts are examples of professionally managed pooled funds. Investors in pooled funds benefit from economies of scale, which allow for lower trading costs per dollar of investment, and diversification.

Pooled funds aggregate capital from several individuals, investing as one giant account.
Pooled funds are professionally managed.
Pooled accounts invest in several financial products.
Pooled funds allow an individual to access opportunities of scale available only to large institutional investors.
The pooled investment account/s lets the investors be treated as a single account holder, enabling them to invest more collectively than they could individually, and often for better— discounted—prices.

Pooled Funds

HouseFCM does not make any promises to its clients except that its account managers will manage your investment portfolios to the best of their knowledge and ability and they will employ their long-earned experience in the market and apply their best practices when managing your invested funds.

Our account managers' historical performance speaks for itself!

The yield of Investment and Allocation

Normally yield reports are generated Monthly, Quarterly, Mid-term, or full-term (Annually) You will receive your yield report depending on the portfolio period.The current expected yield allocation percentages are as follows:

Portfolio Period Yield Value Account Manager Performance Fees HouseFCM Fees Investor Net from Yield
Monthly Investment Schemes 100% 30% * Gross Yield 1% * equity annually 70% Minus HFCM Fees
Quarterly Investment Schemes 100% 25% * Gross Yield 0.75% * equity annually 75% Minus HFCM Fees
Monthly Investment Schemes 100% 20% * Gross Yield 0.5% * equity annually 80% Minus HFCM Fees
Quarterly Investment Schemes 100% 15% * Gross Yield 0.25% * equity annually 85% Minus HFCM Fees


This example is based on the following assumptions: The client invested funds are: $100,000.00
The generated profit percentage by the account managers is 25% equivalent to (100,000.00*25%) = $25,000.00
The value of the $25,000.00 figure is the gross yield for this investment regardless of the period as we will assume that such yield was achieved in different periods!

Portfolio Period Gross Yield Investor Equity Account Manager Fees HouseFCM Fees Total Fees Investor Net Yield
Monthly Investment Schemes $25,000.00 30% * Gross Yield 30%*25,000 = $7,500.00 0.1%*125,000 = $1,250.00 $8,750.00 $16,250.00
Quarterly Investment Schemes $25,000.00 $125,000.00 25%*25,000 = $6,250.00 0.25%*125000 = $937.50 $7,187.50 $17,812.50
Semiannual Investment Schemes $25,000.00 $125,000.00 20%*25,000 = $5,000.00 0.5%*125000 = $625.00 $5,625.00 $19,375.00
Annual Investment Schemes $25,000.00 $125,000.00 15%*25,000 = $3,750.00 1%*125000= $312.50 $4,062.50 $20,937.50

All the above are figures are values for indication only and for demonstration purposes only, the actual calculations are detailed, and reported per every product specification and policy.