What makes HFCM different?

What makes HFCM different?

We know how important it is to select an experienced fund managers who understands the value of your trust. Our goal is to earn that trust each and every day, particularly after one of the worst periods in market history.


A long-term, value-oriented approach

Our investment philosophy is based on doing what’s right for our investors.

The Benefit:

While our conservative value-oriented style may seem a bit heavy at times, investors have been able to count on us for consistent results; this becomes clear when you look at our products’ performance results over the last few years.


An extensive global research effort

In order to determine a security’s true worth, our investment professionals get to know a company inside and out. Today, HFCM operates extensive global research efforts.

We commit substantial resources to global research. We meet companies before and after investing, and talk to a company’s suppliers, bankers, customers and competitors to get a well-rounded view of its operations. We also consult industry specialists, economists and government officials.

As part of that in-depth research in 2017, our product counselors and analysts visited more than 15 countries.An extensive global research effort

The Benefit:

Not all firms do their own research. The continuity is crucial to any long-term perspective. It’s not uncommon, for example, for our investment analysts to have known several successive CEOs at each of the companies they cover. When you know a company that well, there’s a greater depth to the questions you ask, the observations you make and your conviction to buy, sell or pass.


A unique method of portfolio management

More than 15 years ago, we developed a unique approach to managing investments that blends teamwork with individual accountability: the multiple portfolio system. We believe it has provided us with a sustainable method of achieving objectives.

How it works

Each fund’s assets are divided into smaller, more manageable portions and assigned to:

Individual portfolio managers, who manage their portions independently. To create a multitalented team of investment professionals with complementary skills, portfolio counselors with different investment styles, backgrounds and industry experience are selected.

Research Analysts, where a group of investment analysts collectively manages one portion — typically 20% to 30% of a fund’s total assets. These analysts invest in the areas and industries they follow.

Each investment manager along with the investment supervisors:


Experienced investment professionals

Managing assets is a skill learned only after years of experience and training. The investment managers of HFCM structured products and managed accounts have that in abundance.

Seasoned investment analysts

Our organization views research as a career option, not just a steppingstone to portfolio management. We have analysts who have been building relationships with the same companies for decades.

Our investment analysts have been with our organization 7 years on average. Many analysts have had prior experience working in the industries they now study.

They work out of numerous offices around the globe.

Long-term perspective

Long management tenure has helped us maintain our consistent investment style over the years. Rather than buy and sell based on short-term market fluctuations, we prefer to buy good companies at reasonable prices — and hold them for extended periods.

The benefit:

Nothing builds confidence and ability like experience. The depth of experience of our portfolio managers and investment analysts provides the knowledge they need to navigate through volatile markets.


A commitment to low management fees

Many investors look only at the initial cost when selecting an investment. However, ongoing annual expenses can have an even greater effect on long-term returns.

At HFCM, we are committed to providing exceptional services at a reasonable cost. We strive to keep management fees low so that operating expenses remain competitive.