What We Do

What we do

HFCM is a trusted global financial advisor and an investment management firm running its operations in the European peninsula, and the Mena region. We provide financial advice and investment solutions to private, and corporate clients in our regions. Our investment solutions are comprised of three investment categories:

Pooled Investments

The Client authorizes the fund managers to invest all or any portion of the assets composing the Client's investment Account/s in one or more pooled investment portfolio accounts managed by our fund managers with our highly trusted securities dealers or our broker affiliates.

Fixed Income Investments

Investments that pay a return on a fixed schedule. We believe fixed income investments are essential for every investor’s portfolio. Adding fixed income investments to your portfolio may help to smooth out the highs and lows. Such investments are designed to preserve capital and are therefore great for saving for your future.

Managed Trading Accounts

Managed accounts services at HFCM area great opportunity to manage your funds through your investment account with your preferred broker, we will advise you when you should put your money into a new opportunity. The fees and returns on your managed account/s can vary depending on the portfolio you choose, your investment appetite, and your risk tolerance. Managed accounts can be useful for investor from all backgrounds. They give you an excellent degree of exposure to different asset classes and allow you to diversify your investment strategy. Foreign exchange markets are most popular among investors who can strategically manage large amounts of leveraged cash yet improving their gains over time. Compared to other markets, Forex has far more liquidity and delivers faster-paced trading than most too. Because Forex is the most active market available today, the transaction costs associated with it are low.