Why HFCM ?

Why HFCM Advisors?

Individually strong and wisely managed Company


Safety: Leading capitalization ratios (Basel 2 Tier 1 capital ratio: 16.4%, Q3 ‘09)
Stability: Significant balance sheet; no reliance on client cash balances
Independence: No assistance accepted from any governmental authority


Stable management: The average tenure of our senior management is 7 years, with continuity before, during and post-crisis
Prudent risk: An early mover in risk reduction (from ‘07) with the lowest
dislocated asset balances in the industry


Dual home markets Significant presence around the globe
Emerging markets: Deep roots across Asia and primary emerging regions
One integrated company: Advisor, Manager and a trusted partner

Client Focus

Client-driven culture: SOur core corporate objective is to „Help clients thrive“
Unified priorities: Each client's business is viewed as one
Consistency: AConsistent and prudent risk management

One Stop Shop

Four main divisions; Investment advisor, asset management with structured
products along with managed accounts and partner securities dealers with
wide range of product classes